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*** NOTICE ***

Texas Region Election of Officers and Directors

Texas Region is now accepting nominations for individuals to serve the Club Members for 2016. Positions that need to be filled are:

Board Members: 3 positions are open, with a possible 4th position open.  Directors whose terms expire 12/31 are Phil Osborne, Tim Bergin, Sherrie Ledbetter and Gregg Rodgers.  Directors who will remain on the Board for 2016 are Ron Bashor, Bob Bailey and David Anderson.

Duties: The Board of Directors establishes policies, procedures and budgets for the Region operations and provides direction and support to the Officers in the implementation of the Region’s goals and objectives.

Qualifications: Nominees must be a member of Texas Region and have been a Texas Region member continuously for the two previous years.  

NOTE: In the event the current RE is re-elected and thus unable to serve as a Board Member for 2016, a fourth Director must be elected to fill that position. If no nomination is submitted for that position, it will be filled through appointment by the Board in accordance with Texas Region Bylaws.  If there are more nominations than open positions, those with the highest number of votes will be elected.

Officers: Officers are elected annually, including the Regional Executive, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Current officers whose terms expire on 12/31 are Bob Neff/RE, Sitara Wilson/Secretary, and Matt Lucas/Treasurer.

Duties: The RE performs those duties ordinarily pertaining to a Chief Executive Officer or President and is responsible for organizing and coordinating all aspects of Texas Region activities. The Secretary records minutes of all Region meetings, maintains a roster of Region members, and conducts Region correspondence as required. The Treasurer controls the Regions finances and disbursement of funds as approved by the Board.

Qualifications: Nominees must be a current member of Texas Region, except nominees for RE must have held prior elective office in Texas Region or have served as an Assistant RE.

Nomination: Nominations must be submitted in writing by completion of a Texas Region Nomination Form, which can be found here:

The form must be signed by 10 Region Members and by the Nominee, and delivered to Texas Region’s Secretary, Sitara Wilson, by the close of the monthly Member Meeting to be held on October 12, 2015.  The agenda for the October meeting will include time to "Meet the Candidates", and candidates will have an opportunity to state their qualifications and reasons why they should receive your vote.

After nominations are closed on 10/12, a list of eligible candidates will be distributed electronically to all Texas Region Members in good standing along with instructions for voting for the candidates.  As in previous years voting will be done electronically via the Internet, but written ballots may be requested by contacting the Texas Region Secretary and providing an appropriate mailing address.  Results of the election will be announced during the Texas Region Annual Meeting on November 9, 2015.

Texas Region only functions as an organization if and to the extent its Members are willing to volunteer their time and effort to make our Club successful. Please consider helping to ensure that Texas Region continues to be one of the best regions in SCCA, by placing your name in nomination for one of the open positions and working with the membership to promote and facilitate the many programs we offer.  We have some exciting plans in development for 2016 but really need your support and involvement to make those plans happen!  

If you have any questions about duties, qualifications, or anything else regarding the election please contact one of the current Region Officers or Board Members and let us know how we can encourage your participation.  

Bob Neff

Regional Executive, Texas Region  
Sports Car Club of America

About Texas Region Rally

A Road Rally is a competition for two people in a car. There are several types of rally from the professional speed event on forest roads to an after-meeting scavenger hunt. We offer the popular GTA (Games, Tours, Adventures) rally, often known as the "gimmick rally". Speed is not a factor on these events. The teams are given a set of route instructions. These instructions tell the team where to go so that all teams follow the same path to the ending point of the rally.


Texas Region rallies are not speed events, but usually run on fun-to-drive roads. They are also a test of rule following and logic. Teams are scored on how closely they matched the answers to the questions asked during the event.


Following a course correctly is not as simple as you may think. Since these events are run on public roads it is easy to miss count the 3rd traffic light or turn right at an intersection when you should have turned left. That is why the navigator is an important part of the team.


There are classes for First-Timers and Novices that are just starting the sport. Simple equipment like a note pad, clipboard, and a full tank of gas is all that is required to give rally a try.


There are advanced Classes also for people that have done several rallies also. The Master Class is for people who have won so many trophies that they don¡¯t want any more.


The events normally end at a popular place to eat. There, the teams get together and share their humorous stories on how they tried their best to follow the instructions. The correct answers to the gimmick questions are provided for all that might have missed some of the questions.


Rallies take volunteer workers to make it all happen. If you like event organization activities or just seeing the happy faces when the teams point and say "Check Point". These positions don't take any special skills to help but are important to the success of the event. Rallyists who cannot run an event on the announced date can arrange to run it early, as a "check-run". This is a great help to the organizers.



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